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Monsieur Dubois

1999 – 2012

Dear folks,

After many disappearances and re-appearances, the definite end has come for Monsieur Dubois. All good things should come to an end, for Dubois it lasted over 12,5 years and now it’s time to move on.

We want to thank everybody who supported Monsieur Dubois over the years, all true fans, the “Catch 22 friends” helping us financing “Slow Bombastik”, the people who were reponsible for a great sound in the studio and on stage, the people who provided us with good looks and image, the clubowners who invited Dubois over and over again.

We, the bandmembers, continue to work in other existing and new bandprojects, knowing that the one who once gave us our name will in any case be amused, eternally.


peace out